Yoga with Libby Volckening

Private Instruction


Do you find group classes distracting, frustrating, discouraging, etc.?
Do you want more information or more support than you can get in a group environment?
Are you too busy, too shy, or too whatever to attend a yoga class?
Are you are dealing with a new or chronic injury or illness?
Are you preparing for a major life event (athletic contest, reunion, birthday, trip abroad, etc.)?

No matter what is going on for you -- physically, mentally, or emotionally -- private yoga instruction can help you enjoy a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. You donít need to have any yoga experience, and you donít need to be flexible to benefit from this approach. You only need to be ready to begin.

Working together, we will develop an individualized yoga practice that you can do at home to support you in achieving your goals. The cost is $75 for a single session, or $240 for four sessions scheduled within a 6-week timeframe. Barter inquiries are welcome.

Contact me anytime for more information or to schedule your free phone consultation (413-834-4524 or